Процедура скарг:
Якщо з будь-якої причини ви не задоволені рівнем сервісу, який ви отримали від C.S.P.A., спочатку напишіть нам k.martynenko@hotmail.com якомога більше інформації. Якщо ваша скарга не буде вирішена і Ви залишетесь незадоволені, ви можете звернутися до Concordia farms@concordia.org.uk. Якщо все одно незадоволені результатом, то Ви можете зв'язатися з Адміністрацією ліцензування GLAA (Британський державний орган протидії сучасному рабству) enquiries@glaa.gsi.gov.uk Всі такі контакти будуть в повній конфіденціальності.

Учасники Програми можуть залишити свої відгуки про розміщення на фермі і про якість полуг Вашого агента в особистому кабінеті за цим посиланням: https://www.cspa.com.ua/uk/account.php?checkin
Recruitment Good Practice C.S.P.A. – Center of Student Practice Abroad promise to you:
• C.S.P.A. will never charge fees or costs to jobseekers for work finding services.
• C.S.P.A. will never make providing work-finding services conditional on the worker using other services or hiring or purchasing goods.
• C.S.P.A. will never require jobseekers or workers to post a bond.
• C.S.P.A. is economically sustainable without the use of a model in breach of GLAA Brief Issue 38.
• Concordia requires its labour sourcing agents to have a clear public policy against charging fees to job seekers for work finding services which clearly informs workers about this policy at the point of recruitment.
• C.S.P.A. has a clear public policy against charging directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, any fees or costs to jobseekers/ workers for work-finding services, and clearly informs jobseekers/ workers about this policy at the point of recruitment.
• C.S.P.A. has a GLAA (Gangmasters’ Licensing Authority) licence.
• There will be a written and signed agreement between C.S.P.A. and the jobseeker/ worker detailing the services the agency will provide at no cost to the participant
• Should a jobseeker/ worker consider that there has been any violation of this policy by C.S.P.A., s/he should in the first instance contact Concordia farms@concordia.org.uk . If still unsatisfied with the outcome, then s/he should contact the Gangmasters’ Licensing Authority enquiries@glaa.gsi.gov.uk . All such contact will be in complete confidence.
• C.S.P.A. is committed to encouraging equality and diversity among our workforce and eliminating unlawful discrimination. C.S.P.A. will not tolerate any level of discrimination under the Equality Act 2010. The protected characteristics under the Equality Act are as follows; age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (including colour, nationality, and ethnic or national origin), religion or belief, sex (gender) and sexual orientation.